​Created in 1992, Corporate Challenge provides an activity for local businesses to foster employee interaction, teamwork, morale, pride, health & wellness. The demand proved overwhelming and now Corporate Challenge has grown to include over 175 companies, over 18,000 athletes and 1,900 volunteers in an Olympics-style competition that is one of the largest amateur sporting events in Canada! 

Corporate Challenge promotes a unique sense of spirit and togetherness that is found when employees gather in social environments and fun, organized competition. Corporate Challenge provides the corporate world with activities that break through the barriers existing in even the smallest organizations. Through sports for the athletically-inclined to recreation activities that employees of every fitness level can participate in, Corporate Challenge gives us all an opportunity to come together and have some fun! 
The teamwork and fun found at Corporate Challenge goes beyond the 16 days of the Games.  It reaches into offices, worksites and boardrooms year-round. The faces you’ve only passed in the hallway or the voices you’ve heard on the phone suddenly become your volleyball teammates or your badminton partners…sport activities ignite employee friendships that often go beyond the confines of the workplace. Work becomes a friendlier and more fun place to be! 
Corporate Challenge is a great way to introduce the employees of your own company to each other….but it is also a great forum for the vast and varied companies within greater Edmonton to get to know each other. We often hear of friendly golf or softball games long after Corporate Challenge is over. 
Corporate Challenge encourages an active lifestyle for all participants. Now entering our 27th year, we have reached popularity befitting the Olympics:  It is the largest display of corporate enthusiasm you’ll find anywhere & your company is part of it all! 
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