Getting Your Team Together

Your company has made the commitment to Corporate Challenge and you are the Company Coordinator, now what about the rest of the employees? Corporate Challenge is more than just competition and sports, it has something for everyone in your company, whether it’s being a team captain, volunteering at events, participating in charity challenges, selling raffle tickets or joining co-workers at social events like the Kick Off Pep Rally. These activities are great ways to encourage team building and camaraderie among your fellow employees! 

Send out emails, put up posters, tweet, hold a recruiting BBQ!   Get the word out and get your company involved!

Don’t attempt to do it all alone!  Your first and most important job as the Company Coordinator for your team will be to recruit some enthusiastic assistants early and keep them informed! We cannot tell you how important this is in making your job easier and keeping the Games running smoothly!  
It is recommended that you recruit the following captains to assist you:
  • Sport Captains - recruit at LEAST one captain for each sport you are competing in. You must complete your Sports Commitment/Sport Captains Form at by April 6, 2020.
  • Blood Donor Captain (there are participation points just for participating!).  To register, contact Canadian Blood Services at (by April 24, 2020)
  • Special Events Captain - to coordinate your company’s participation in the Pep Rally as well as your internal rallies and celebrations.
  • Spirit Captain - great spirit earns you overall points, so have someone lead your Spirit Team!
  • Volunteer Captain –You must provide a Volunteer Captain contact on the Sport/Event Commitment Form.  If you don’t have a different person, please list a Company Coordinator as the volunteer captain. The volunteer assignments will be sent to both the Company Coordinator and your Volunteer Captain.  
SIGN UP FOR SPORTS – By April 6, 2020
There are 22 different sport/recreation competitions for your company to choose from. Once you get an idea of which sports your company is interested in, you can go to the online form (Sports Commitment and Captains List) and commit your company to those competitions. You do NOT have to commit to going into all 22 competitions.  Only sign up for the ones that you know you will have a team for. (Form available online)
SIGN UP YOUR CEO – May 15, 2020
Get your CEOs/Senior Managers involved and sign them up for the CEO Challenge!  It’s a great way for them to show their support and they will earn extra Spirit points just by competing in any of the sports and the PEP Rally CEO event. You can pre-register up to five CEO/Senior Manager names.  (Form available online)

If you want to order tickets for lunch at the Pep Rally you must order tickets ahead of time.  Come out to watch your CEO compete in the CEO Challenge! (Form available on Event Brite.)

Two great ways to get more of your co-workers involved in Corporate Challenge! Organize a Heart and Stroke Big Bike ride and a blood donor drive.  Both events help build team spirit while supporting two great causes!  

Gather your participants!  Once you have made the commitment to the sports and activities your company will participate in, it’s time to gather commitments from your employees.  

Part of your commitment to participating in the Games is to provide volunteers for the various competitions and events.  You will get your specific volunteer assignments on May 6, 2020, but you can start recruiting now! All volunteers get a free Corporate Challenge t-shirt!
Another great way to show your company spirit is to outfit your teams in team shirts! This year’s merchandise sponsor is Please note that the Edmonton & Area Corporate Challenge name and logo is trademarked and is the only merchandiser with the rights to reproduce it. 
You can contact at:  780 426 5646  or check out their ad in the handbook. 

Don’t forget to share information with your company!  Keep your co-workers informed and build excitement for your companies participating in the Games!  Please also make sure that your captains have all the information they require including copies of the rules for the sport or activity for which they are the captain. Also ensure that they get a copy of the schedule (posted online in May) and any other information that will make their job easier. 
Your Sport Captains are invited to attend the Coordinators meeting in May.
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