Volunteer Information

Corporate Challenge requires over 1,800 volunteers each year!  

Whether it is scorekeeping at voleyball, marshalling at a road race or registering participants…each and every volunteer shift is vital to the success of the Games.

As part of your company's commitment to Corporate Challenge, your company is required to provide volunteers…PLUS it’s a great way to get more of your company participating in the Games!

Your Company is required to provide a maximum number of volunteers based on the division you have been assigned. 
The maximum number of volunteers we will ask your company to provide is:

Blue – 8
Green – 14
Yellow – 14
White – 16
Red - 16

Please note that we don't always assign the maximum number of shifts to all companies.  

  • ​Do NOT have to be employees of your company (friends, family are eligible)
  • MUST be at least 18 years of age
  • Will receive a Corporate Challenge Volunteer T-shirt!
  • Are not permitted to bring along their pets or children
  • Must stay for the entire assigned shift

Your Company's Volunteer assignments will be distributed by May 6, 2020.  This information will include your event assignment(s), specific volunteer roles, locations, dates and times.

All teams that fulfill their volunteer assignments will be awarded 10 overall points. Please note that the above number of volunteers is only a maximum – we don’t always assign the maximum number to each company.  So for example; If you are in the red division and we only give you 10 volunteer assignments, that is all you have to fulfill to receive your points.  If for any reason we cancel your volunteer assignment and you are not given another one, you will receive the bonus points.   


Companies that do not provide the volunteers requested will:
  • receive a 3 Overall Point deduction for each volunteer shift that is not fulfilled
  • be banned from the Games for the next year at the discretion of the Games Management. 

Corporate Challenge reserves the right to disqualify your team from sports/events if your volunteers do not show up for shifts scheduled at the same time as your competition.  

Direct all Volunteer inquiries to:
Tammy Gartner
Corporate Challenge Office
YEG Corporate Challenge uses Microsoft Sharepoint