Games Update - May 11, 2020

2020 GAMES
 With the current outlook for the virus it doesn’t seem that we will be gathering in groups by this Fall.  It’s a tough call but we have decided to official cancel the 2020 Games and start thinking about the 2021 Games.  We will try to do some fun online events in the coming months to keep you engaged with the Corporate Challenge spirit.  We’re working on some fun games as well as some more trivia.  Plus, make sure to follow us on social media – we are posting fun photos from Games past!  Please note, If your team has already paid your 2020 entry fees, they will automatically be forwarded to your 2021 registration.  More details about registration for 2021 will be sent in the coming weeks and months. 

2021 GAMES
For 2021 we sincerely hope that we will be able to proceed as we have in the past – hosting the Games in the Spring.  However, depending on the situation with the virus, we may again need to look at pushing the dates later in the year.  We will make that determination in a few months, but for now we will proceed as if the Games will happen in May 2021!  Our theme will still be Mardi Gras! 

We want to encourage everyone to continue your participation in the Blood Donor Challenge, they need us more this year than ever before!!   

We are continuing with our raffle and our 50/50 and hope that you will continue to help us with our two fundraising efforts.
1. We have requested an extension for the raffle draw – pushing the draw date until September 1.  We hope this will give everyone more opportunity to sell the tickets.  Some companies are selling the tickets to their co-workers via e-transfer and then recording the buyer’s name, etc. themselves.  This is a great way to sell tickets remotely!  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have tickets that you are selling, can you please change the date of the draw from June 22 to September 1 as you sell them.  You can just write on the tickets themselves or make stickers if you like.   
2. The 50/50 is online HERE and the pot continues to grow everyday! We’d like to ask you all to send this link to as many people as you can.  We really want to sell out.  Plus, the more people you help us sell to, the bigger the pot you can win!!  I’m sure we could all use that windfall!!   
These fundraising efforts are helping to keep the games alive during these tough times. Thank you so much for your support!

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