Lawn Bowling RULES

TEAM ROSTER (4 bowlers)
  • Your team will consist of 4 Bowlers
  • You may register up to 6 players for each day of play, but the same 4 players must play in any one game.

  • Team Captains (or designate) will be responsible for bringing completed & signed team rosters to the registration with the minimum team required for your division.
  • Roster & Registration information will be included in the Schedule Book distributed in May.
  • Team Captains are responsible to see that each athlete registers with photo ID and proof of employment (i.e. Human Resource letter or Pay stub). It is the responsibility of each participant to have the proper ID.
  • Players must register together at the event with a minimum 4 person team.

  • The type of game played will be "fours,"  with the sequence of play as follows: 
  • Lead: 2 bowls, Second: 2 bowls, Third: 2 bowls, Skip: 2 bowls. 
  • ​Games consist of a series of ends playing from one end of the green to the other and back again, with opponents playing bowls alternately.
  • Lawn bowling is a complex sport requiring knowledge of delivery and aiming techniques.  If your team has never played, we strongly recomment at least on practice session.

  • ​A point is scored for every bowl that one team has closer to the jack than their opponents' nearest bowl. 
  • A maximum of 8 points per end is possible. The skip is to hand in their scorecard after EACH game.
  • Teams get 2 points for a win and 1 for a tie.

  • ​Each game will have a 60-minute time limit or 6 ends, whichever occurs first. 
  • At 53 minutes a bell will sound; the end in progress only is to be completed. The end is in progress only if the jack has been delivered.

In the event that there is a tie after pool play, the team that advances to the medal round is the team with the best record against the other team(s) involved in the tie. 
Example: With four teams in a pool.

A vs. B, A Wins game
A vs. C, A Wins game
A vs. D, D Wins game
C vs. D, C Wins game
B vs. D, B Wins game
B vs. C, C Wins game

In this case both teams A and C win two games while B and D win one. In the game between team A and team C, team A won the game over team C so team A advances out of the pool.

If there is a tie between two teams that tied each other in the round robin the winner will be the team that has the highest aggregate using all games played in the round robin – plus points divided by points against.

If there is a three way tie where the records of the teams do not determine an outcome we will use a formula of Total Points For divided by Total Points Against, with best average (percentage) advancing to the medal round. Only teams in the tie and only games played against each other will be included in the calculations.

The players will record their own scores. Call for assistance if the two skips do not agree on a measurement or interpretation of the rules or placement of the jack. The Event Coordinator has the final decision in matters arising from disputed shots, minimum distances, and the determination of whether the jack and/or bowls are in play.

 The alternates may enter at the beginning of any match but must play the full game. No mid-game substitutions.  

  1. All players must wear shoes that are SMOOTH SOLED and without HEELS. Flat soled shoes (i.e. walking shoes) and running shoes that have no separation between the front sole and heel (flat from toe to heel) that posses a shallow tread pattern or grooves less than a ¼ inch deep are acceptable foot wear.
  2. For the safety of competitors and spectators, only the four competing team members are allowed on the greens during a match.
  3. The lofting of a bowl is strictly prohibited. The offending team will forfeit the match and/or the tournament.
  4. Specific rules of play are Bowls Canada Boulingrin Laws of Bowls 5th Edition, 2015 with exceptions as identified here.
  5. Delivery of the jack in the first end will be determined by a coin toss. Delivery of the jack in subsequent ends will be by the lead player of the team that scored in the previous end. If the jack is improperly delivered once by each player in any end, it should not be delivered again in that end.​ It should be placed at the distance that the first team to deliver wishes.
  6. No burned ends. In the event of a burned end place the jack 2 meters from the ditch on the center line and the sideline on the side where the jack left the rink.
  7. Coaching during competition is not allowed. Violations will result in disqualification from the match. 

When an entry withdraws from an event, the records of all matches completed prior to the withdrawal will stand. All remaining scheduled opponents, including an opponent of a commenced and uncompleted match with the withdrawing entry, will be awarded match points for a win and credited with a margin of shots for equal to the average of all other winning results recorded during all of the qualifying rounds.

Cancellations must be in writing either emailed or faxed to the Corporate Challenge office. If a team must cancel their participation in a sport, the Penalties are as follows:

LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION: (Within 48 hours of your event start time)
Teams that provide written notification (by email or fax) that they are canceling out of an event within 48 hours of the start of the event will be penalized 5 points. A company with participants who register at the event but are unable to register an eligible team will be  considered a cancellation and the penalty will apply.
NO SHOWS: (No notification of cancellation)
A No Show will result in a 10-point deduction and disqualification from that sport for the following year. A NO SHOW is a team that has not provided any notification that their  team is not participating in an event prior to start time of the event.
A company missing two (2) matches throughout the tournament will be considered a  Cancellation or No Show and the penalty will apply. If you think your team will  DEFINITELY miss ONE match, please call the Corporate Challenge office with at least 24  hours notice so that, out of courtesy, we can inform the challenging team. A company  missing one (1) match will lose that match by an average score of all games in the pool.

There will be a maximum of 6 medals awarded to each winning team.

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